What is Bor Zinc good for after harvest?

After your plant produces this year’s crop, it prepares for another crop next year and creates shoots Here is the Bor Zinc effect.
Bor Zinc nourishes the buds and shoots of the next year and makes it more comfortable during fertilization next year.

Does BOR ZINC and COPPER mix?
Agroege Bosteer CUPPER mixes with 8% (Liquid copper – GLYCINE CHELATE) and you don’t need to throw Bordeaux mixture.

What should the rates be in winter application?
800 liters of water
2 liters BOSTEER 4-15-0 5% boron 5% zinc
5 liters BOSTEER Cupper 8%

Can we apply it to all fruits?
Yes, you can use it with peace of mind.
When can we apply after harvest?
You can apply it after 10-15 days